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What have I been doing since August 2009, you ask?

Well, having a baby who is almost 1, for one.

Thinking of loads and loads of posts that I never get around to for another.

Today I was possessed with a manic urge to talk about my lunch on Facebook. I suppressed that urge, but it dawned on me that I do have an actual, already set up, outlet for such nattering. So here we go.

Yesterday for Easter dinner, I hastily threw a pork loin on the grill and threw together a pasta salad to go with, as  we really hadn’t thought through anything and had virtually nothing on hand. I had some lemon pepper fettuccine in the cupboard, so I cooked that up, whipped up a lemon/olive oil dressing with some fresh ground pepper, thyme, rosemary and a wee pinch of sugar to offset the tartness (thinking it over, a pinch of lemon zest would not have been amiss either), and tossed that all together with about a third of a finely diced yellow onion, some fresh chopped carrots, half a can of corn and some fresh spinach. It was actually pretty darn good for something I threw together out of the pantry at 11 am Easter morning.

It’s also made for some lovely leftovers. Lunch was a dish of the pasta with some lemon pepper tuna tossed in and a hard-boiled egg on the side. I tried to add a clementine, but they’ve turned, alas. But overall, it was a healthy, refreshing lunch, especially eaten outside at a shady table overlooking the Potomac.

As for me overall, I feel like I’ve turned a corner in the past 4-6 weeks. One big change that we made when I was pregnant was to start actually having salad with dinner several times a week, which really helps get fresh veggies into all of our diets.  I still struggle to find time to work out, but I find myself doing more scattered exercise – I get out and walk with the baby a few times a week, and I stretch in off moments, even at the office. But the biggest thing that I’ve managed to do, that I never thought I could, was to cut down on my sugar intake. It wasn’t even conscious, which seems to be the way that I best make these sorts of changes. If I think too much, I obsess and get ornery. But I happened on chocolate dessert teas around Valentines Day and just kept drinking them. And discovered that if I had a cup of tea around the same time I hugely craved chocolate in the middle of the day or after dinner, the tea satisfied a lot of the same urges.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I still eat sugar (and chocolate, natch), but I’ve gotten to the point where treats are just that – treats. And where, if I have an ice cream cone with my son when we’ve walked down from the park, that’s it for the day. I don’t give into the momentary thought of baking brownies on the weekend and we’ve had two boxes of Ghirardelli mix in the pantry for at least 2 months. And there’s a big tray of Easter candy sitting not 20 feet from me right now – and I’ve not touched it and don’t feel much of an urge to.

This is HUGE for me. GIGANTIC GLITTERY LETTERS huge. I’ve always been the person who grabbed a piece of candy from any open dish I passed. I’ve always been the one who orders dessert and who absolutely needs something sweet after every meal. I’ve spent most of my adult life wondering how I could be like virtually every person around me (in my eyes, mind you) and not slavishly haunt any possibility of sweet treats. And more importantly, how I can realistically model healthy eating for my children.

A side benefit of all of this is that, yeah, I do seem to be losing some weight and yeah, my clothes do seem to fit better (or worse, in some cases where they are too big). But I *feel* better. And I feel like I have some say and control over what I put in my mouth. And that’s the real point.