Here’s the deal.  In early January 2009 I started this blog with the following ideas:

1. I would remain anonymous.

2. I would use the blog to track my desired weight loss, largely substituting it for sites like The Daily Plate in terms of tracking food consumed and exercise committed.

3. I’d have some space, and hopefully some readers, to natter on about my emotional space while embarking on the latest of some 10+ years of trying to take of the pounds that I put on during my first semester of grad school back in 1996.

Somehow, over the course of a few weeks I realized that what I really want is not so much to loose weight, but to stop feeling guilty for wanting that 3rd or 4th cookie or that extra bit of mashed potatoes or that scotch before dinner and to stop beating myself up over the fact that I haven’t lost the weight and frankly don’t feel like feeling bad about it anymore.

So, I say no.

I say no to tracking every bite I put in my mouth.
I say no to ticking off every pound on the scale and feeling like a failure when my weight fluctuates on a regular basis.
I say no to feeling guilty for liking food and enjoying it and indulging in it.

And I say yes.

I say yes to finding ways to fit fitness into my life that is enjoyable and stress relieving, instead of a stressor in itself.
I say yes to trying to eat more fruits and veggies and whole grains and to drink more water and make fewer processed food because they taste better and help me feel better.
I say yes to thinking about my health instead of my waistline.