I’d been planning to keep this blog at least quasi anonymous, even though I’m pretty sure that the vast majority of the traffic comes from folks I already know and who know who I am and have probably even met me, even briefly, in person.

But anyway.  The other public blog I write is mostly political and social ranting and raving.  The election was fun and I’ve had varying steam.  I just intended to write a long ranty post about gendered eating,inspired by this post by Liss over at Shakesville.  Instead, I just wrote a personal screed about fat acceptance and how I refuse to feel guilty about food.

I think part of that is not being completely anonymous anymore.

I refuse to keep tracking my food here.  It drives me nuts and triggers all sorts of guilt and it really doesn’t help me.  All of the positive mental benefits I get from exercise is completely undone by obsessing over the food issue.

So I won’t.  I’m going to keep blogging about exercise and eating and all the philosophical stuff over here.  But I’m not tracking my food anymore.  And I’m not going to hide.  Not anymore.