I mentioned in my last post – in which I was tracking yesterday’s food – that I don’t like doing it.

I don’t like doing it because I’m sick to death of the “guilt” that women especially, but to some degree most people I know, experience around food.  I find eating extremely pleasurable.  I love eating really good food.  Hell, I love eating crap food most of the time.  I love those wee high calorie cheeseburgers from McDonalds and I love my dad’s mashed potatoes and I love my own baking and I love my husband’s spaghetti and I love Taco Bell almost any hour of the day.  I’m big on “comfort food”.  I’m not so in love with salad.

I’m tracking for a few weeks (I hope) in part because I want to look at what I’m eating to help myself make better choices – in the sense of getting more fruits and veggies, more whole grains.  But I do not want to deny myself the pleasures of food.  Eating is not a bad thing.  There is nothing shameful about enjoying a cheeseburger and onion rings or a brownie or a scoop of ice cream or a beer.

I want to make sure I remember that, because the worse I feel about the food I eat, the more I eat.  I can train myself to see the veggies in the forest of carbs, but I cannot train myself not to enjoy decadence.  I can just control how often I do so and how much I indulge.

So, a list of things to remember:
1. There is nothing bad/naughty/disgusting about enjoying food.
2. I feel better when I eat better and do not over indulge.
3. I enjoy food more when I take charge of choosing and creating it.
4. I feel better physically when I exercisee regularly.
5. Exercise does not have to be a chore.
6. Food /=guilt.