So, going to try to track my food here for a bit.  I’ve tried The Daily Plate, but end up getting derailed as soon as I actually try to cook something that’s not from a box or eat somewhere that’s not a chain restaurant.  Shockingly, they don’t have the nutritional values for my father’s prochutto mashed potatoes and I probably wouldn’t want to see them if they did.

But, I also know that if I don’t try to track this somehow, I’m going to keep on eating more than I want to, or thinking that I’m doing better than I am.  Since part of what I want to do is make better choices, here goes:

lots-o-coffee with light egg nog
two pieces blueberry/acai berry toast with B&B and swiss cheese
two clemtines
lots of water
1 small cookie

1 small 80 cal tuna salad cup
10 ritz crackers
1 stick cheese
2 squares lindt chili dark chocolate
lots of water
small liquid yogurt

Afternoon snack:
cheaters mocha – small coffee with extra water, hot chocolate mix and 2 Irish cream creamers
more water

Dinner…oh lord.  Shall we just stipulate that today was not a great day?
Three McDonalds small cheeseburgers
Large handful fries (probably less than a small)
1 hard cider
1 rice pudding cup (a couple hours later)


On the water tip – I got a Sigg water bottle for Christmas and have been trying to keep it full – I fill it up while I’m getting my first morning coffee and just keep at it – to the point where it might actually be giving me headaches, which baffles me.

So, yeah.  Accountability, yes.  Also, I shuold exercize, but I feel to completely exhausted.  Sigh.